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Foldable Baby Bed/Cot With Safety Rail

Foldable Baby Bed/Cot With Safety Rail

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Size: 76cm*10cm*46.5cm

Safety Standard: SGS/CPC

Material: PP/PA/POM/Ecopaper


【Multifunctional Design】This co-sleeper for baby in bed is not only a baby bed, bed in bed, but also a bed rail for a baby. Give the baby an independent sleeping space, and enclose a small area.
The baby will no longer roll over the bed, the mother will no longer worry about pressing the baby, and the mother will sleep confidently.
【Truly seamless】The baby does not need to sleep in a separate bed with the parents to establish a secure attachment with the baby. Suitable for more than 95% of bed types. Complete assembly and take out without disassembly.
The safety belt and screws are used for double fixing, no need to reserve installation clearance, Make sure the guardrail fits snugly against the bed surface to avoid the risk of entrapment and suffocation.
【Materials】Baby bassinet bedside sleeper Made of aviation grade aluminum, Carefully selected materials, light but strong, Greatly improved stability; rounded arc, No exposed metal, Touch and Safety Online.
No-burden operation is required at the time of exhaustion in the middle of the night. The almost silent button design, a one-stop process, does not disturb the baby's dream. co-sleeper bassinet can be a great babysitter when parents are busy.
【Easy operation】When designing the crib, we fully considered the "tired state" of the mother in the middle of the night and designed the operation as simple and convenient as possible, Pressing the button inwards, and then gently pushing it forward.

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